Media Kit

The company : MyCall

MyCall is the leading European company providing Internet services for the European hospitality segment. MyCall installs Internet computers in lobbies, business centers and rooms in four and five star hotels throughout over Europe. MyCall’s mission is to fulfil the “high-end” traveler’s demand for Internet services when they are away form home or the office. MyCall is already present in more than 800 hotels in Europe working with leading names like Hilton, Sheraton, Inter-Continental and many others.

The product

MyCall installs flat screen computers, an in-hotel network and a high speed external connection to the Internet in the hotels. The user accesses the Internet via the MyCall portal This portal has been specially designed with the high-end traveler in mind, and provides useful links to news, sports, travel, business and financial information as well as recommended local dining and leisure facilities and tourist attractions. In addition, it gives users the Internet access that they require to keep in touch by e-mail or messaging.
MyCall’s easy-to-use Internet access, portal content and e-mail service ensure that the portal attracts and retains users. The MyCall concept has succeeded in providing an innovative way of contacting the high-end traveler, and a unique opportunity for advertisers targetting the high end of the market, whether for Business-to-Business or luxury products and services.

Typical audience profile:

  • Business traveler
  • High income / Credit card user
  • Management position / High education level
  • Male / female, age 25 – 65
  • Multilingual / Modern and acquisitive / Computer users
  • Time for recreation after working day
  • International orientation

Audience size

Because of the high number of computers placed in hotels the MyCall portal has a guaranteed audience of tens of thousands per month from a select, high income target group: the modern business traveler or wealthy tourist. Hotel visitors can be targetted even when they are not online by advertising on MyCall’s offline screens in the hotel rooms while MyCall offline screens in hotel lobbys and business centers offer the advertiser access to an even greater audience.

The current level of access to the MyCall portal is 25,000 (different) users per month. 20,000 of these are are accessing the site using the MyCall in-hotel access; the remainder are users who appreciate the MyCall portal content and continue to visit the site via other access points. The number of users is expected to grow further:- for example, during the first month of operation of the MyCall web based e-mail service 250 new e-mail users were recorded who regularly returned to the site; this number is expected to exceed 2000 regular users within 6 months.

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