About the company

MyCall offers Travelers

MyCall offers the business traveler and hotel guest the convenience of a complete Internet and computer service wherever they stay and whenever they require it.
The business traveler no longer has to take his laptop on business trips. Presentations and business meetings can be prepared on the computer in his hotel room (using Microsoft Office applications) just as in the office. MyCall offers users an easy to use, reliable, high speed Internet connection giving them all the usual facilities to which they are accustomed. The access point is the www.MyCall.com portal which is specially tailored to meet the needs of the high end business and leisure traveler with news, finance, sport, luxury shopping, local information for tourists as well as many more business and leisure links. The portal has its own free web-based e-mail service.

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MyCall offers Business Partners

MyCall’s solutions offer business partners a unique opportunity to enhance their service to their customers and increase their revenue without the need for major investment. By offering a necessary service which many business and high-end leisure travelers increasingly expect, MyCall helps its business partner to attract and retain customers thereby improving revenue. The hotel can also use the system as a marketing tool to promote its own services to guests. MyCall offers a complete service (installation, operation, maintenance) so that the impact on its business partner’s resources is minimal. The financial requirements are also limited as MyCall covers the up front costs of implementing the system. The service operates on a revenue-sharing basis which is flexible and easy to administrate. Billing of the service to the customer can be tailor-made to fit business partners requirements. MyCall provides partners with high quality 24 hours a day 7 days a week customer support in all areas of the service it offers.

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MyCall offers Advertisers

MyCall’s service allows advertisers to effectively target a small but select audience – the high-end business or leisure traveler visiting A1 locations such as 4 and 5 star hotels (Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hilton) in many European cities. MyCall offers the advertiser the means to use both on- and offline advertising in an interactive way to promote products and services. Hotel guests can be targetted via the offline screen in each hotel room while PC screens, situated in prime locations such as hotel lobbies and business centres act like billboards offering the advertiser access to a far larger audience. Thanks to the large number of PCs placed in hotels, the MyCall portal has a guaranteed audience while its easy-to-use Internet access, varied content and e-mail service ensure that users continue to visit the site via other access points.

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